Rafael Santeria: #SecretTalk at night! 1
Rafael Santeria: #SecretTalk at night! 2
Rafael Santeria: #SecretTalk at night! 3
Rafael Santeria: #SecretTalk at night! 4

SecretTalk is a lesbian Escort-Girl for men, a butch, a femme, a queer gentle(wo)man. Rafael Santeria is her counterpart! Hatefuck vs. Life. -- Rafael Santeria

Tag-Team Siva-Deluxe & Rafael Santeria (FFM) 1
Tag-Team Siva-Deluxe & Rafael Santeria (FFM) 2
Tag-Team Siva-Deluxe & Rafael Santeria (FFM) 3
Tag-Team Siva-Deluxe & Rafael Santeria (FFM) 4

This is the dominant tag-team Siva-Deluxe and Rafael Santeria giving a hardcore humiliation on little Jenny who claimed to be the most submissive girl around. We were more or less satisfied. At least, she took her humiliation with pride. And by "pride" I mean "tears in her eyes"! -- Rafael Santeria

Julia Pink makes dreams come true for Rafael Santeria 1
Julia Pink makes dreams come true for Rafael Santeria 2

Julia Pink is - no doubt - One of Germany's hottest 30+ actress. Normally I'm into fucking teens and petite girls but she's way too hot. So she gave me the honour to become part of her newest project "dreams come true" where she gives men some unknown pleasures. I took advantage of that as I could and had my first anal clip with that hottie. After that she took a facial, spit the whole load against a mirror... and a lot more to see here ;-) -- Rafael Santeria